Revenue Enhancement

Audit of the Sales Department: Comprehensive look at every aspect of your selling effort from setting proper sales goals and competitive strategies to running effective sales meetings, attacking your competitive set and targeting your top accounts; detailed report with clear and specific recommendations follows the audit. (done in presence of any or all of the following: Owner, Management Company Rep, GM, and salespeople) (1 or 2 day format).

Boot Camp for Salespeople: In difficult times, owners and managers often look for new, outside-the-box solutions to lackluster sales without first asking, “Are my salespeople well-equipped to cope?” Sadly, most are not due to poor or no initial training, memory loss, or insufficient monitoring. Our Boot Camp reinforces time-tested strategies and introduces new, essential hotel selling skills for all brand/segment hotels. It addresses how to position our properties and our salespeople so that they stand apart from our competitive set. It also includes a simple 4-step selling process, plus objection handling, prospecting, and non-traditional rapport building through NLP; Can also include hotel-based selling skills video and role playing. (for all level salespeople and GM’s) (1, 2 or 3 day format).

Customer Service: Defining what it takes for excellence in Hotel Customer Service through a simple process as well as modeling (e.g., Nordstrom’s and Disney’s legendary service); session covers why customers quit, handling complaints, the “10-5 Rule,” maintaining service excellence, and more; Includes video and audio cassette supplements, PowerPoint, and group activities. (for all hotel employees) (½ or 1 day format).

Distance Learning: Any of the training sessions listed can be time-modified and delivered in a distance learning format: Webex, audio only, audio with PowerPoint, real-time video conferencing.

Effective Hotel Communication Skills: How to “bond” instantly with any type prospect, customer, co-worker, employee, boss, or stranger. Learn to establish rapport, trust, and comfort almost immediately via cutting-edge Neuro-Linguistic-Programming skills. Discover the various general types of prospect personalities and how to deal with each of them. (for all level salespeople and GM’s) (½ day format).

Front Desk Selling/Service Skills: Presentation of selling and customer service skills for front desk staffs of hotels in any segment; Includes simple 4-step process, plus overcoming objections, handling guest complaints, “ghost calls” on competitor hotels, active listening skills, and rapport building through NLP. (for all front desk and reservations personnel) (1 day format).

Hotel Management (Property, Asset, or Sales): Full daily oversight of property sales and operations, owner representation via asset management, or sales effort-only management.

How to Book Extended Stay Business at Non-Extended Stay Hotels: Extended stay, the industry’s hottest segment, annually outperforms traditional hotels’ occupancy by 12-13% points despite economic downturns. Don’t be left out just because you’re not “officially” an extended stay facility. Find out why and how you should generate incremental revenue by first learning to find, and then to sell to and service, the very lucrative extended stay segment. (for all level salespeople and GM’s) (½ or 1 day format).

Keynote Speaking: Wide variety of topics plus the ability to incorporate client themes as requested. (for all brands and management companies) (hourly or as needed).

Lead Generation: Providing you with actual qualified prospects; you pay only for actual leads generated, and if desired, a targeted list, not for number of attempted calls we make or for hours of time we invest.

“Magical Selling” ®: Selling “T.I.P.S.” ® (Theories, Insights, Philosophies, and Strategies) for hotel sales teams presented in an energizing, upbeat, and “enter-train-ing” class; ideal to pump up your salespeople with a varied mixture of helpful “how-to’s,” thought-provoking real-life stories, and numerous recommended action steps for immediate selling success. (for all level salespeople and GM’s) (½ or 1 day format).

Managing the Sales Effort: Practical, understandable steps and detailed recommendations showing how to most effectively manage the selling effort and maximize top line revenue. Topics include setting clear activity goals, running productive sales meetings, developing useable Marketing Action Plans (“MAP’s”), holding Quarterly “Rap Sessions,” and much more. (for DOS’s, GM’s or anyone responsible for directing day-to-day selling) (½ or 1 day format).

“Mystery Shopping”: Concerned about revenue? Manage and mitigate your risk. Our experienced teleprospecting staff will evaluate your selected sales department and/or front desk personnel via “ghost calls” to ensure you are receiving the optimal sales effort and revenue. Shops can be done separately or in conjunction with our training programs as “pre” and “post” training evaluations. Shop service is available for comp set hotel salespeople as well as any sales candidates you are considering.

Negotiating Skills: “Win-Win” strategies for effective hotel negotiating; includes the psychology used by both sides, how to justify rate quotes, the “rate ladder” strategy, and the 2 critical “non-rate components” of hotel negotiating; teaches how to confidently present your rates, develop “provisional agreements,” brainstorm with teammates, and recognize “empowerment factors” on both sides of a negotiation. (for all level salespeople and GM’s) (½ or 1 day format).

Presentation Skills: Learn techniques to improve 1-on-1 and group presentation skills such as crowd control, AV guidelines (flipcharts, PowerPoint, etc.), how to be remembered, and integral presentation “platform skills”; (for all level salespeople and GM’s) (½ day format).

Selling To Exceptional Prospects (“S.T.E.P.”®): Sales call simulations in a team format (3-4 persons per team is ideal) utilizing your staff members as prospects, each with a unique dominant personality. Videotaping (optional) of all sales presentations is recommended with team review of the videos and prospect critiques on the morning after the simulations; Prize for winning team. (for all level salespeople and GM’s who are involved in outside selling) (2 day format).

Time Management: Topics include planning, prioritization, Prime Selling Time, Pareto’s Principle, and Covey’s Time Matrix. Relevant group exercises are also included that simulate real-life decision-making and help spark discussion that justifies the need to have sound principles in place. (for all level salespeople and GM’s) (½ day format).

Teambuilding: Group exercises are conducted with built in challenges that demand planning, goal setting, leadership, creativity, time management, communication and “togetherness” skills. (for all employees) (hourly, or if classroom support is desired ½ or 1 day format).

“T.O.U.G.H. Times” ®: Essential Preventions and Cures for Hotel Salespeople in the 21st Century: Tough times call for salespeople to think and act tough in order to survive. In light of economic downturns as well as increase in new competition, there are a number of critically important, “must have” qualities for salespeople to excel. They must be T=TEAM-ORIENTED O=ORGANIZED U=UNIQUE G=GREAT H=HUMAN…Each letter/topic is expanded with examples that illustrate what it takes to understand and act on each quality for the betterment of the hotel as well as the salesperson. (for all level salespeople and GM’s) (1, 2, or 3 day format).

Weekend Occupancy Strategies: Need to improve anemic weekend numbers at your facility? We offer 50 strategies to generate more business for you, and they range from direct selling, promotions, public relations, direct mail, and merchandising to advertising. Optional Idea Fair can be included as well. (for anyone interested in supplementing weekend occupancy) (½ or 1 day format).

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around a simple goal - To achieve the objectives of our clients. Our plan is to introduce the necessary talents and resources to our clients and enhance their business goals and profitability

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