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About Us

We assist hotel owners in realizing their investment goals.

Asset managers act as an owner's agent or representative to insure that a hotel is acquired for a reasonable price; is then operated properly during the period of ownership; and is ultimately disposed of at an appropriate time and price.

In today’s complex environment, hotel ownership has become extremely complicated and sophisticated. To invest successfully in hotels, you must understand the intricacies of concepts such as yield management, SEO, TQM, OTAs, central reservations, reserve for replacement and owner's priority.

At the Alliance Group we believe hotel management experience is an important prerequisite for a good asset manager, but asset managers need actual hotel ownership experience as well. The asset manager must think like an owner to fully appreciate concepts such as downsizing, deferring maintenance, disputing property tax assessments, prepackaged bankruptcies and increasing profitability through growth in market share. These concepts are essential for ownership survival in difficult markets.

The combination of operational and ownership expertise can be difficult to find.

The principal of the Alliance Group has acted as a fiduciary for large institutional investors, managed both branded and independent hotels AND, more importantly has been an owner and investor in numerous hotels projects during the past thirty years over a wide variety of economic climates.
Acting as an advisor to companies or institutions with equity investments or with mortgage positions in real estate, the
Alliance Group performs as the owner’s representative. In this role, we become “the eyes and ears” of the client relative to an owner’s at-risk investment or loan and, in many cases, become “the arm” of the client in effecting necessary change at the property. The Alliance Group serves as a counter-balance to the day-to-day management company and ensures that the operator is managing effectively.

We constantly monitor financial and operating results while maintaining the level of service most appropriate to the property type and market. The Alliance Group does not attempt to apply standardized methodologies to our properties. Instead, we approach each project as a unique assignment and use creative thinking, structured analysis and common sense to develop strategies, plans and programs to improve property performance.

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